1. the testicles.

2. nonsense; rubbish (used to express contempt or disagreement, or as an exclamation of annoyance).

‘The Secret’ (2006) is a movie and a book by charlatan-extraordinaire Rhonda Byrne. In it, she enlists a number of fellow money-grabbing ‘gurus’ to explain how…

Proponents of the Law of Attraction (LOA for short) have the gall and the naivety to call it a scientific ‘law’.

What is the difference between a ‘law’ and a ‘theory’? A law describes a natural force or phenomenon but does attempt to explain how that force or phenomenon works…

Some of you may know Esther Hicks as the Law of Attraction (LOA for short) guru who professes to channel messages from multiple beings from other dimensions, collectively known as ‘Abraham’. Others may be familiar with Hicks from the controversy over the documentary (and subsequent book) called ‘The Secret’ (2006)…

Michael Farrell

PhD in English Lit. I am an author and Personal Transformation Coach in the field of Spirituality. I also dabble in writing poetry and music.

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