An Inherent Contradiction in 5D Thinking?

Apparently, binaries are not allowed in fifth-dimensional thought. But the 5D brigade make claims such as: fear is bad, Ego should be suppressed, 3D should be transcended and so on. To think that anything is better or worse is to assign judgment, value, and essentially impose binary thinking.

· Fear = bad/Love = good

· Ego = bad/Spirit = good

· 3D = bad/5D = good

Is the rain ‘bad’ and the sunshine ‘good’? I guess it is, from a subjective point of view, if you want to sunbathe; but from an ontological point of view, there is no such thing as good or bad: there is only being in and of itself.

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Fear is not bad. It is fear. It just is. Love and fear are not mutually exclusive.

Ego is not ‘bad’. It is part of our psychological framework and helps us to assimilate our reality and serves to protect us. It is part of us and should therefore be included in our self-love along with all the other fluffy stuff.

Three-dimensional is not ‘bad’. It just is. It is our concrete, lived reality.

If harbingers of a fifth-dimensional consciousness want to declare that a paradigm shift to a ‘higher’ frequency involves the eradication of binary thinking, then perhaps they need to be mindful of assigning positive and negative value to intrinsic aspects of our being and our human reality.

But even if they don’t assign judgments such as ‘good’ and ‘bad’, there is still a prevailing sense that fear, ego, and 3D are inferior to love, spirit, and 5D, and this discrimination reinforces another dichotomy between ‘higher’ and ‘lower’ in energic terms.

Rather than thinking of frequencies in vertical terms — that is, as higher and lower — why not think of frequencies using a horizonal model where fear and love, ego and spirit, 3D and 5D co-exist, equally, as part of the richness of our human reality. Nothing is mutually exclusive, but rather part of a continuum, a spectrum of experience. To deny, avoid, or suppress any aspect of the gamut of our experiential reality over and above the other is to risk both dichotomous thinking and spiritual bypassing.

A 5D mindset is about ‘transcending’ fear, ego, and the 3D, as if they are somehow redundant, superfluous, and to be cast off in order to catalyse our spiritual development. Instead, perhaps we should embrace them, honour them, integrate them as vital aspects of our being, our reality, and our experience, and therefore essential to our development.

We can only grow as high as our roots are deep: ‘lower’ aspects of our being are as necessary as the ‘higher’ aspects in order for us to be balanced, grounded, and integrated, and in order for us to truly honour our intrinsic humanness.

We’ve all heard the adage ‘we are spiritual beings having a human experience’. Such a statement invokes binary thinking by distinctly separating the ‘spiritual’ from the ‘human’. Rather, to be human means to be spiritual, and to be spiritual means to be human: the two cannot be separated, for they are two sides of the same ontological coin. But even if we stubbornly pursue this binary mindset, then the adage goes: we are spiritual beings having a human experience; therefore to deny any part of our being, whether ‘good’ or ‘bad’, ‘higher’ or ‘lower’, is to deny both our essential humanity and the very richness of that beautiful experience.

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PhD in English Lit. I am an author and Personal Transformation Coach in the field of Spirituality. I also dabble in writing poetry and music.