Lessons from COVID-19: why spiritual bullshit is the real contagion

It was announced on 2nd December 2020 that the UK is the first country in the world to have a COVID-19 vaccination approved by the regulating authorities. The end of this terrible pandemic is in sight and we have every reason to be optimistic that we can return to some sort of normality in 2021.

For most people, this is welcome news. For others, who hate their life and want to escape from it through the invention of conspiracy theories or through the so-called ‘awakening’ of humanity, this news is not so welcome.

For those people who don’t think the vaccine is ‘safe’, despite the fact that it has undergone rigorous scientific testing for both safety and efficacy, then it is likely that they also followed the likes of David Icke in denouncing the virus as ‘fake’, or followed the multitudes of ‘lightworker’ and conspiracy theorist nutcases who have proclaimed the following drivel throughout the course of the pandemic (my comments in bold):

· The virus is man-made biological weapon. This one makes me laugh. Where’s the evidence? And which country manufactured it? This ridiculous assertion smacks of paranoia and irresponsible fearmongering

· The coronavirus crisis heralds a great awakening where humanity shifts to a five-dimensional state of being. This one makes me cry with laughter. It will take more than a year-long virus to ‘shift’ humanity. What lightworkers naively assume is that such a shift is instantaneous whereas, in reality, any sort of socio-cultural and widespread behavioural changes takes generations to embed

· The virus is linked to 5G technology. Once again, where’s the proof, other than your overactive and paranoid imagination?

· The virus signals the fall of the cabal and other secret organisations that are controlling the world. Heard this one a million times. The world is run by humanoid reptiles and other such nonsense. Did the ‘evil’ Prince Charles die from the virus? No. Did the ‘evil’ Boris Johnson and Donald Trump die from the virus? No. Are they reptilian beings from another planet? You’d be insane to even entertain such a notion.

· The virus was part of a worldwide plot to curb our freedoms. For what? Why the fuck would governments across the world co-conspire to cripple itself economically? There are literally zero logically grounds for this lunatic assertion.

· Bill Gates will develop a vaccine as part of his mission to take over the world. Well, Bill Gates had fuck all to do with the development of the vaccine in the UK. So up yours, conspiracy theorists.

· The virus was manufactured to intentionally kill people in order to reduce the world’s population. Well, if that were true, then it was a crappy virus, because the mortality rate was nowhere near severe enough to make any impact whatsoever on the world’s population. Once again, an overactive and paranoid imagination is behind this level of thinking.

More to the point, has ANY of the above come to pass? NO. And it was never going to! Why? Because such ridiculous notions are nothing but the ravings of an overheated imagination bent on fear-mongering, conspiracy theorising, and escaping from a shitty reality instead of facing up to it: bypassing par excellence.

And yet many lightworkers and conspiracy theorists alike were adamant that the ‘truth’ they spouted was infallible!

Will they apologise for disseminating such irresponsible, fear-mongering nonsense? Not likely.

Will they learn from this, in terms of seeking help for their deluded perception of reality? No way.

Will they carry on perpetuating escapist imaginings in the name of ‘spiritual insight’? Hell yes.

What can be said of this crisis is that multitudes of ‘lightworkers’ revealed just how deluded they really are by inventing escapist fantasies and conspiracies. Basically, anything to bypass the reality of what has been going on. Admittedly, it has been a tough time for us all, but our mettle is tested in such times, and we either face up to reality with resilience and optimism, or we espouse escapist nonsense dressed up as ‘conspiracy theories’ or, even worse, spiritual ‘truth’. Downright wackos are guilty of the former and many lightworkers are guilty of the latter.

Perhaps the real ‘awakening’ is that we need to wake up from the deluded, escapist ramblings of many lightworkers who think they know it all when, clearly, they don’t. Perhaps we need to wake up in terms of embracing the light of reason and marrying it with our intuition, rather than dismiss science and logic as the ‘enemy’ of spirituality. Because, let’s face it, the hard truth that lightworkers need to swallow is that with the development of a safe and effective vaccine, science has saved the day. Have lightworkers contributed to this amazing achievement that will get the whole world back on its feet? Nope. What, in fact, havethey done, other than passively espoused visions of a great awakening from the safety of their yoga cushions? Aside from the irresponsible mobs who destroyed a number of 5G towers back in the Summer, in large lightworkers have done fuck all but moan and oppose literally everything the government and our esteemed scientists have done to fight the virus.

It is shameful that a great many so-called spiritual folk have done nothing but challenge and criticise our human endeavour for survival. The VACCINE will save many lives going forward: it represents the triumph of human invention, science, and our will to survive. Moreover, our GOVERNMENTS have saved the economy (as much as it possibly can) including millions of jobs. Is the vaccine an evil invention to control us? NO! Did the government manufacture the virus and cripple the economy as part of a worldwide conspiracy? NO!

Without the vaccine and without the world’s governments we would be suffering more death, more unemployment, more fear, more crises in mental health, more economical turmoil, and the list goes on.

And what have lightworkers and conspiracy theorists contributed to getting us out of this crisis? Nothing constructive. Rather their contribution has been fantastical narratives that promote fear, delusion, and escapism. Do such people despise their own reality so much that they resort to such lunatic behaviours in order to bypass their pain? Do such people lack the ability to engage with their own lived reality and instead seek to fabricate an alternative fantasy? Do such people have deep-embedded issues around personal control that they seek to project their trauma onto the governments of the world?

It would appear so. It is precisely the insane behaviours of various lightworkers whom I once respected that completely turned me away from modern, millennial ‘spirituality’. This entire crisis has made me realise how many attention-seeking nutters claim to be lightworkers, or claim to be spiritual, when in fact they reek of bigotry, hypocrisy, and are downright irresponsible in promoting fear and escapism. Rather than engage with their reality through the lens of reason and logic, they would rather invent all manner of fantasies in order to escape it and, what is most disturbing, they spread their insane ramblings to others in the name of some sort of spiritual ‘truth’.

Here’s the conundrum: in one breath lightworkers claim that lockdown is a restriction on their human freedoms; and in another breath they oppose vaccination. BUT in order for us to develop a collective immunity to the virus and therefore be in a position to control it (to the extent that we can ease lockdown restrictions, thus putting an end to our curtailed freedoms) then we NEED to take the vaccine! Unsurprisingly, lightworkers are blind to their own contradictions. They want to have their cake and eat it. They need to decide what’s worse: the vaccine or prolonged periods of lockdown that, without a vaccine, could continue for years to come resulting in increasing deaths, increasing mental health issues, increasing domestic violence, not to mention irrecoverable economic disaster.

It is our responsibility to be vaccinated to protect ourselves and others. For the anti-vaccination brigade, you won’t grow a third arm, your hair won’t fall out, and you won’t contract the virus (given that the vaccine does not contain the virus itself). But what you WILL gain is protection against a deadly virus and, who knows, you might just learn to appreciate the brilliance of modern science rather than vociferously denouncing it with unfounded suspicions rooted in paranoia.

A combination of fantasy, delusion, fearmongering, and escapism is the real virus within the spiritual community, and lightworkers need to wake up and smell their own bullshit instead of infecting others with it.

PhD in English Lit. I am an author and Personal Transformation Coach in the field of Spirituality. I also dabble in writing poetry and music.